7 elements of good web design

7 elements of good web design

There is no better starting point to building your presence on the internet than a neat, easy-to-navigate website. Here are 7 elements of good web design that you need to add to your website to make your website truly attractive.

Essential elements of web design can only be incorporated into a website professionally using the best tools. Check out some of the best tools for web design here.

• Visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is important as it designates significance to the elements according to their sizes in design.

• Friendly images

Friendly and inviting images have a great effect on people visiting your website. They help build trust and make you more approachable.

• Larger fonts

Use larger fonts more often for important information. The use of larger fonts makes it easier for people to read the important stuff.

• Clear social proof

Social proof gives an indication to new audiences that you actually do what you say. It can help build trust and good reputation on the internet.

• Bright colors for key elements

Use more vibrant colors for key elements like call-to-actions. They do a great job at catching people’s attention.

• Neutral Colors

Lots of neutral colors produce a calming effect on the audience. They do not overwhelm the viewers. The eye-popping colors should be reserved for important elements like call-to-actions/buttons.

• Mobile responsiveness

Most people visit websites through their smartphones nowadays, that is why making a website mobile responsive is a standard now. The layout, contrast, color scheme, and navigation of a website should be optimized for mobile as well.

In today’s world, a website is necessary for building credibility. A professionally designed website provides great value for your business. It gives a 24/7 online presence and an opportunity for your business to grow to new heights. And a website that incorporates the above-mentioned 7 elements of good web design is sure to attract new customers to your business.
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