Apple Event March 8th, 2022: Apple’s first set of 2022 products.

apple event march 8th, 2022

Apple announced a bunch of new products at their March 2022 event. The products include Mac Studio and Studio display, all-new iPhone SE, the fifth generation of the iPad Air, and also the iPhone 13s in new shades of green. Let's look at them in detail.

Green iPhone 13s.

Apple reintroduced the iPhone 13 lineup in new shades of green. The iPhone 13 will now come in a new ‘Green’ colorway, and the iPhone 13 Pro models will come in a new ‘Alpine Green. Apple just did a mid-year new color launch for the iPhone again. 

apple event march 8th, 2022

iPhone SE (2022)

Apple also announced the launch of the all-new iPhone SE. The iPhone SE now packs the A15 Bionic chip in the same body. It is the same processor as used in the iPhone 13 lineup and it is the fastest chip in a smartphone.

The iPhone SE also has 5G connectivity now for faster download and upload speeds. It features up to 1.2x faster graphics performance than the previous generation of the iPhone SE. This year, the iPhone SE features a better battery that gives 2 hours more of video playback.

The new iPhone SE also has the latest iPhone camera features which we have seen in the iPhone 13 lineup. The new improved camera now offers Photographic Styles, Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 4 and Portrait Mode.

The new iPhone SE comes in three finishes, Midnight, Starlight and of course (PRODUCT)RED.

Price range and storage

The new iPhone SE starts at $429 for the base 64 GB model. It is $479 for the 128 GB model and $579 for the 256 GB version

iPad Air (2022)

After more than a year, Apple has finally added a new iPad Air to its lineup. The biggest new feature that the new iPad Air comes with is the inclusion of the M1 processor in its architecture. Since the advent of Apple Silicon, the M1 series of processors has been making waves. Apple’s M1 devices have been crazy fast. And now iPad Air users will also get to experience that speed.

According to Apple, the 8-core CPU delivers up to 60 percent faster performance, and the 8-core GPU delivers up to 2x faster graphics performance compared to the previous iPad Air.

There is an all-new ultra-wide 12 MP front camera in the new iPad Air with Center Stage. The center stage feature allows you to move around while still being in frame during video conferences. It is a neat feature that we first got introduced to in the iPad Pro and now it is in the iPad Air as well.

The iPad Air also features 5G connectivity. And the USB-C port is twice as fast as the previous generation. 

iPad Air now comes in five new finishes. The colors include Space Grey, Pink, Purple, Starlight and an all-new Blue. You can read an extensive review of the iPad Air here.

Price range and storage

The new iPad Air starts at $599 for the 64 GB configuration and goes up to $749 for the 256 GB model. 

iPad Air 2022

Mac Studio and Studio Display

Perhaps the biggest announcement of the event was the launch of an all-new computer called the Mac Studio along with a display to support, the Studio Display. The Mac Studio comes in two configurations, one powered by the M1 Max processor that we saw in the MacBook Pro and one powered by the all-new M1 Ultra chip.

M1 Ultra is a literal overkill with 114 billion transistors. It is basically two M1 Max processors fused together, to give insane performance. The Mac Studio is intended for high-end professional, “studio” work like videography, music production, and more. It is an incredibly compact device which packs enormous performance.

The Mac Studio with M1 Ultra provides 90 times faster CPU performance than Mac Pro with 16-core Xeon processor! According to Apple, M1 Ultra enables up to 4.5x faster graphics performance than the 27-inch iMac, and up to 80 percent faster than the fastest Mac graphics card available today. It will be interesting to see what various creators and designers do with this newly-launched system.

Along with the Mac Studio computer powered by the M1 Ultra, a 27-inch 5K Retina display called the Studio Display was also launched. It features over 14.7 million pixels. The max brightness is 600 nits. The Studio display also features Nano-texture glass as seen in Pro Display XDR before. Nano-texture glass reduces reflectiveness and minimizes glare for a better view.

The display also has the A13 Bionic Chip (as seen in the iPhone 11 lineup) which delivers great audio and video quality. The Studio Display features the 12 MP ultra-wide, front-facing camera with Center Stage as well. For voice recordings and video calls, the display features a three-microphone array with low noise floor for clear sound. A six speaker system is engineered to produce high-quality sound. It also supports spatial audio and Dolby Atmos. All in all, Apple has created the “ultimate” studio setup with the Mac Studio and the Studio Display. 


The Mac Studio starts at $1,999 for the starter configuration with the M1 Max and costs $3,999 for the M1 Ultra with 20-Core CPU, 48-Core GPU, and 32-Core Neural Engine. The highest-end Mac Studio with maxed-out specifications (64-Core GPU M1 Ultra, 128 GB unified memory, and 8 TB SSD storage) costs $7,999.

The Studio Displays starts at $1599 without the Nano-texture glass. It costs more with different stands.

apple event march 8th, 2022

You can learn more about the products at Apple.

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