iPad Air 2022 Review: M1, everyone.

iPad Air 2022

Apple introduced the fifth generation of the highly popular iPad Air, now with the M1 processor. In terms of performance, the iPad Air goes toe-to-toe with its older more expensive sibling, the iPad Pro 2021, which also comes with the monstrous M1 chip. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

At the Apple March 2022 event, Apple announced a bunch of new products. One of them was a new iPad Air which Apple calls the most powerful and versatile iPad Air ever. Here we present the iPad Air 2022 review.


The first thing we are going to discuss is the processor. When the M1 was released, it turned the whole tech world on its head. The processing power of this chip was insane.

Then spring arrived (literally) for Apple fans and tech enthusiasts, when Apple introduced the new iPad Pro with the M1 processor. It could handle everything from intense gaming to video editing.

Now, the iPad Air has also been bestowed with the power of the M1. It can handle almost any game on high settings. So if you want to game on the iPad Air it will not disappoint.

If you are a video content creator or a video editor, and you like to edit on the go, the new iPad Air has got you covered. The M1 processor, which we first saw in the MacBook lineup can handle 4K video editing with no hiccups whatsoever. The iPads also support the Final Cut Pro video editor, which is one of the best video editors out there.


The iPad Air 2022 comes with 1640 by 2360 LED display, with a pixel density of 264 PPI. It also supports Apple’s TrueTone technology. As far as content viewing and media consumption go, you will not have any complaints. And if you are an artist or a graphic designer, you will find that the iPad Air will fulfill most of your requirements. 

However, the iPad Pro 2021 supports a mini-LED display which provides deeper blacks and more accurate colors.

The display on the iPad Air is capped at 60 Hz so if you were looking to get into the action of fluid animation or you wanted to game at a higher refresh rate, you will have to spend the extra 150 bucks and get the iPad Pro with Apple’s 120 Hz Pro-Motion display.

If you want a higher refresh rate primarily for gaming, then you should reconsider as not many mobile games support 120 fps.


The iPad Air has the same primary camera as the latest iPad Pro. It is a 12MP ultra-wide camera, so scanning documents will not be a problem. And as long as you are in a well-lit environment, it can record videos at 4K quality.

The iPad Air has a single rear camera, whereas the iPad Pro has two (wide and ultra-wide), the iPad Pro also has the LiDAR scanner at the back which allows for a better AR (Augmented Reality) experience, and can also handle 3D scanning.

The front camera has also been upgraded. It is now a 12MP wide camera, which is going to make your video calls crisper and clearer. The new iPad Air finally supports center stage. Apple’s center stage is a feature that keeps you in the frame during video conferences even if you move.

Charging and Connectivity

The iPad Air 2022 has a USB-C port, which supports up to 45-Watt fast charging. So how fast the iPad will charge should not be an issue. The iPad Air includes a 20-watt charging brick in the box. And you can buy a separate 45-watt charging brick if you want.

The port also enables data transfer at a speed of up to 10 gb/s. So transferring files between your devices will be lightning fast. It also supports connection to an external display with maximum quality of 6K.

The iPad Pro on the other hand has a thunderbolt port that can transfer data at a speed of up to 40 gb/s. If you want to buy an iPad that is better suited for future needs, we would recommend you buy the iPad Pro. As in the future, most of your devices will likely run on thunderbolt technology.

If you opt for the cellular model of the iPad Air, you will be pleased to know that it now features 5G connectivity but it’s limited to only a Sub-6Ghz connection. It can reach cellular speeds of up to 3.5 gb/s. The iPad Pro however supports the millimeter-wave (mmW) technology which can go up to 10 gb/s. It is important to note, however, that this difference in speed will have very little effect on your day-to-day experience. 

iPad Air 2022


Now, this is where things get a little interesting (and confusing if you are thinking of buying the iPad Air 2022).

The new iPad Air comes in two storage configurations, the 64 GB model and the higher-end 256 GB version. There is no middle or higher option. If you plan to play heavy games like Genshin Impact or Call Of Duty Mobile, or if you want to do intensive photo and video editing on your iPad, and you reach the point where each file takes several gigabytes of storage, you will find that 64 GB isn’t nearly enough.

Now, if you intend to buy the larger storage option you will have to pay an extra amount of $150, which is a lot of money for some extra storage. At this point, you would only be $50 shy of the iPad Pro which starts at $799 with a storage of 128 GB. At this point, it becomes rather apparent how Apple is doing its business. So now the question arises, should you just spend the extra $50 and get the iPad Pro? Well… yes and no. This will be discussed in more detail later in this review.


The new iPad Air has exactly the same dimensions as last year’s model, and the 10.9 inch iPad Pro. So, if you have owned the previous model of the iPad Air, all your previous cases and keyboards will work with the new model. And if you own iPad Pro accessories, those accessories will also fit on the iPad Air, however you will have to deal with the larger camera cut-out of the iPad Pro cases.

The iPad Air also supports the 2nd generation Apple pencil.

iPad Air 2022

Verdict | Should you buy?

The iPad Air is an amazing device but Apple and their business tactics has made it hard for customers to make a choice between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. If you’re not a power user or you just want to buy a decent iPad for your kids, the 64GB version of the iPad Air 2022 will fulfill all your needs.

If you’re an artist that does a lot of their art on the iPad and your projects tend to take a lot of space, we would recommend spending some extra money for the iPad Pro as you will not only get more space but a more fluid screen with better response time. It will allow for a more natural drawing experience. You also get the mini-LED screen that shows deeper blacks and colours are less washed out.

If you do art just as a hobby the base model of the iPad Pro will be more than enough.

If you just want an iPad for normal content consumption and media surfing, the iPad Air 2022 is an amazing device for that. 

If you’re a tech enthusiast like us and have the money, then you can buy the iPad Pro and experience all the technological delicacies it has to offer. The iPad Pro has loads of more features and includes Face ID as well which the iPad Air lacks (it has Touch ID, which is just as convenient anyways). 

Nevertheless, Apple’s main goal with this launch was maybe to extend the lineup of M1 products. The transition is here and going strong. 

You can check out more information regarding the iPad Air 2022 and buy it, here.

Guest-written by: Shaheer Afzal.

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